Isotype Controls

  • ready for in vivo administration,
  • No preservatives or stabilizers are added
  • Endotoxin levels are ultra-low

Bio X Cell offers a wide selection of isotype control antibodies. Choosing the correct isotype control antibody is an important part of most antibody-based experiments. Isotype control antibodies must match the species and isotype of the primary antibody of interest but have no specificity for the target species. Isotype controls serve as negative controls, making it easy for the researcher to differentiate between non-specific background effects or signal and specific effects of the antibody of interest. This type of control is especially important to include in in vivo or in vitro blocking/neutralization/depletion/activation experiments when the readout is a phenotypic change. Our isotype control antibodies are ready for in vivo administration, as no preservatives or stabilizers are added, and endotoxin levels are ultra-low.

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