InVivoMAb anti-mouse IL-15

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AIO.3 BE0315 InVivoMab Antibodies
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About InVivoMAb anti-mouse IL-15

The AIO.3 monoclonal antibody reacts with mouse IL-15. IL-15 is a pro-inflammatory cytokine that is produced mainly by dendritic cells, epithelial cells, fibroblasts, and monocytes. IL-15 plays important roles in the immune response and shares many functions with IL-2. IL-15 has been shown to stimulate the proliferation of activated T cells, NK cells, and B cells, and induce antibody production by B cells stimulated with anti-IgM or CD40L. In addition, IL-15 promotes the development of dendritic cells and induces the production of proinflammatory cytokines from macrophages. IL-15 has also been shown to play a role in several inflammatory disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and pulmonary inflammatory diseases. Emerging data suggest that there is a beneficial effect of IL-15 neutralization in models of psoriasis and diabetes. The AIO.3 antibody has been shown to neutralize the bioactivity of IL-15 in vitro and in vivo.

InVivoMAb anti-mouse IL-15 Specifications


Rat IgG2a, λ

Recommended Isotype Control(s) InVivoMAb rat IgG2a isotype control, anti-trinitrophenol(BE0089)
Recommended InVivoPure Dilution Buffer InVivoPure pH 7.0 Dilution Buffer(IP0070)

Recombinant mouse IL-15

Reported Applications
  • in vivo IL-15 neutralization
  • in vitro IL-15 neutralization
  • PBS, pH 7.0
  • Contains no stabilizers or preservatives
  • <2EU/mg (<0.002EU/μg)
  • Determined by LAL gel clotting assay
  • >95%
  • Determined by SDS-PAGE

0.2 μM filtered


Purified from tissue culture supernatant in an animal free facility


Protein G


Undiluted at 4°C in the dark