InVivoMAb anti-mouse CCR3 (CD193)

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6S2-19-4 BE0316 InVivoMab Antibodies
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About InVivoMAb anti-mouse CCR3 (CD193)

The 6S2-19-4 monoclonal antibody reacts with mouse CCR3 also known as CD193. CCR3 is a G protein-coupled, seven transmembrane, chemokine receptor expressed on a variety of hematopoietic cells including eosinophils, basophils, mast cells, mononuclear phagocytes, platelets, hematopoietic progenitor cells, and keratinocytes. CCR3 is most highly expressed on eosinophils. Chemokines including RANTES, eotaxin, eotaxin-3, MCP-3, and MIP1α have been reported to act as ligands for CCR3 and stimulate CCR3+ cells. CCR3 plays a role in atopic diseases such as dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis and bronchial asthma. This receptor is thought to contribute to the accumulation and activation of eosinophils in the allergic airway and at sites of parasitic infection. It is also known to be an entry co-receptor for HIV-1. The 6S2-19-4 antibody has been shown to selectively deplete eosinophils when administered in vivo.

InVivoMAb anti-mouse CCR3 (CD193) Specifications


Rat IgG2b, λ

Recommended Isotype Control(s) InVivoMAb rat IgG2b isotype control, anti-keyhole limpet hemocyanin(BE0090)
Recommended InVivoPure Dilution Buffer InVivoPure pH 7.0 Dilution Buffer(IP0070)

Y3 cells expressing full length mouse CCR3

Reported Applications
  • in vivo eosinophil depletion
  • PBS, pH 7.0
  • Contains no stabilizers or preservatives
  • <2EU/mg (<0.002EU/μg)
  • Determined by LAL gel clotting assay
  • >95%
  • Determined by SDS-PAGE

0.2 μM filtered


Purified from tissue culture supernatant in an animal free facility


Protein G


Undiluted at 4°C in the dark