An Inside Look at our Future Space

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August 15, 2019

The build has been moving along, nicely! Within, just shy of, three-months of construction, our future space will be finished before we know it! 

We broke ground!

On May 28th Bio X Cell owner, Dr. Klaus Lubbe, gave a wonderful speech thanking Bio X Cell employees and all of the engineers, architects, city planners and contractors who have helped to make this vision a reality. Dr. Lubbe is very excited to be the driving force behind the development of an aesthetically pleasing workspace in the beautiful Upper Valley and looks forward to the new growth opportunities the space will provide the company.  The building will be the new official headquarters for all operations and will be comprised of approximately 26,000 sq. ft.!  The current plan is that construction will be finished by mid-January of 2020! 

Please check back for updates and newly added photos!


Check out the unseen video!

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