Bulk Antibodies for in vivo Research

Bio X Cell is a United States based biotechnology company that has been in operation since 1997 supplying the global research community with monoclonal antibodies.

Bio X Cells main focus is to offer researchers bulk size antibodies for in-vivo studies and functional assays of the highest quality but at affordable conditions.

Bio X Cells two main product lines InVivoMab and InVivoPlus are extremely low in endotoxins and of the highest purity, free of murine pathogens, azide or other compounds that would interfere with in-vivo experiments.

Bio X Cell has recently added the ReadyTag product line which includes antibodies against the most relevant protein tags.

Bio X Cells high quality products are offered at a price unmatched throughout the industry.

Additionally, Bio X Cell offers custom antibody production/purification services. The client provides the hybridoma and Bio X Cell delivers the purified antibody at the high quality standards necessary for in-vivo experiments.