in vivo Cell Specific Depletion Antibodies

Bio X Cell offers monoclonal antibodies to mouse cell specific surface proteins and cytokines for in vivo cell specific depletion studies. in vivo cell specific depletion experiments are widely used to establish the role of specific cell types in a variety of immunological processes. These antibodies are reported for use in in vivo studies where the injected antibody is intended to deplete a specific cell type. These types of experiments can be used to extend and confirm results obtained with genetic knock-out mouse strains or to provide information about the direct biological relevance of a certain cell type. For information about the dosage and kinetics of administration for in vivo injection of these antibodies, we have compiled an up-to-date list of references for each antibody. These can be found on the individual product pages. We encourage you to review these papers and others in the literature to find the optimal protocol for your experimental system and goals.

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