Introducing a new 1 mg size option for most InVivoMAb™ products!

Due to popular demand, we are proud to announce a convenient 1 mg size option to complement our standard 5, 25, 50, and 100 mg bulk sizes.

This new 1 mg size has all the great features of our larger sizes including:

  • Ultra-low endotoxin levels
  • Greater than 95% purity
  • Ready for in vivo use
  • High concentration (approximately 3-10 mg/ml)
  • Formulated in preservative-free, carrier protein-free, and amine-free buffer

This new 1 mg size option is ideal for:

  • in vivo pilot studies
  • Diagnostic assays as specified on the COA including:

Western blotting     Immunohistochemistry     ELISA     Immunoprecipitation     Immunofluorescence     Flow cytometry

  • Conjugation with your favorite label
  • Antibody titration
  • Testing new and previously non-reported applications or cross-reactivities

As low as $95!