InVivoMAb anti-human CD71 (TfR1)

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2C1 BE0376InVivoMAb Antibodies
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About InVivoMAb anti-human CD71 (TfR1)

The 2C1 monoclonal antibody reacts with human CD71 also known as transferrin receptor or TfR1. CD71 is a type II homodimeric transmembrane glycoprotein which is expressed on the surface of proliferating cells, reticulocytes, and erythroid precursors. CD71 plays a role in the control of cellular proliferation and is required for iron import from transferrin into cells. CD71 is expressed on malignant cells at high levels and its expression correlates with cancer progression.

InVivoMAb anti-human CD71 (TfR1) Specifications

Isotype Mouse IgG2b, κ
Immunogen Human acute T cell leukemia cell line Jurkat
Reported Applications
  • Flow cytometry*
  • Immunoprecipitation*
  • Western blot*
  • *Based on unpublished data
  • PBS, pH 7.0
  • Contains no stabilizers or preservatives
  • <2EU/mg (<0.002EU/μg)
  • Determined by LAL gel clotting assay
  • >95%
  • Determined by SDS-PAGE
Sterility 0.2 μM filtered
Production Purified from tissue culture supernatant in an animal free facility
Purification Protein G
Molecular Weight 150 kDa
Storage The antibody solution should be stored at the stock concentration at 4°C. Do not freeze.