InVivoMAb anti-mouse IL-1α
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ALF-161 BE0243 InVivoMab Antibodies
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The ALF-161 monoclonal antibody reacts with precursor, secreted and membrane-associated forms of mouse IL-1α (interleukin 1 alpha) also known as lymphocyte activating factor (LAF), and mononuclear cell factor (MCF). IL-1α is a 17 kDa pro-inflammatory cytokine produced by a variety of cells, including macrophages, dendritic cells, T and B lymphocytes. IL-1α exerts a wide range of immune and inflammatory responses on a many cell types including lymphocytes, epithelial cells and fibroblasts. IL-1 is made up of IL-1α and IL-1β which are the products of distinct genes, but which are recognized by two distinct IL-1 receptors. The IL-1 receptor type I, a 80 kDa transmembrane protein with demonstrated IL-1 signaling function and the IL-1 receptor type II, a 68 kDa membrane protein with a relatively short cytoplasmic tail. The type II receptor acts as a decoy target for IL-1, inhibiting IL-1 activities by preventing the binding of IL-1 to the type I receptor. The ALF-161 antibody has been shown to neutralize the bioactivity of natural or recombinant IL-1α.


Armenian Hamster IgG

Recomended Isotype Control(s) InVivoMAb polyclonal Armenian hamster IgG
Recommended InVivoPure Dilution Buffer InVivoPure pH 7.0 Dilution Buffer

Recombinant mouse IL-1α

Reported Applications

in vivo IL-1α neutralization

  • <2EU/mg (<0.002EU/μg)
  • Determined by LAL gel clotting assay
  • >95%
  • Determined by SDS-PAGE
  • PBS, pH 7.0
  • Contains no stabilizers or preservatives

0.2 μM filtered


Purified from tissue culture supernatant in an animal free facility


Protein G


Undiluted at 4°C in the dark