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Current Openings

  • Cell Culture Manufacturing Technician

    Bio X Cell is the world’s leading supplier of functional monoclonal antibodies used for in vivo preclinical
    studies in animal models. Our antibodies are well established and have extensive publication records.
    Since 1997, Bio X Cell has been manufacturing high quality antibodies for biomedical research in our
    beautiful headquarters in Lebanon, NH – gateway to the Green and White Mountains. Bio X Cell is
    seeking a professional individual with high energy and a great personality for a position as Cell Culture
    Manufacturing Technician in our fast-paced, team oriented environment. This position is a great
    opportunity to get your foot in the door of a dynamic and growing biotech company and play an integral
    role in the success of Bio X Cell’s mission to provide the preclinical research community the high quality
    antibodies they need.

    We are currently seeking a Cell Culture Manufacturing Technician who will be responsible for the
    general support of the Fermentation Department. Above and beyond the technical responsibilities of
    this position; the ideal candidate will exhibit excellent communication skills, be able to work with a
    diverse set of employee styles and will be a self-starter, motivated to excel within their department and
    to collaborate with other groups as needed. This is a full-time position with a work schedule of Thursday through Monday or Friday through Tuesday.

    Essential Functions

    • Perform mammalian cell culture daily duties such as determining cell density using a hemocytometer, feeding and adjusting the pH of cell cultures, freezing and thawing cell lines.
    • Prepare solutions and media additions, as necessary.
    • Assist with Fermentation equipment maintenance and supply restock. Including moving media supply as necessary. Maintain and clean laboratory equipment. Assist in the maintenance of gas resupply and liquid nitrogen dewars.
    • Assist with Safety Management in the lab and assist in writing up guidelines for safety following OSHA guidelines. Follow Fermentation protocols as written. Assist in the regular review and update of Fermentation protocols.
    • Provide support to Fermentation and any other projects as assigned by the Department Manager.
    • Wash & autoclave glassware and tubing.
    • Provide PTO coverage to other members of the fermentation department.
    • Attend morning department meetings as requested, and any other duties as required.  Follow all Safety Guidelines as required by Bio X Cell, handle hazardous materials appropriately as dictated by the SDS, and wear the appropriate PPE provided by Bio X Cell.
    • Know the location of safety shower, eye wash stations and safety data sheets.

    Minimum Qualifications – Education and Experience

    • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in relevant technology
    • 2+ years of laboratory experience
    • Skilled in mammalian cell culture technique (adherent or suspension cell culture) and aseptic processing
    • Previous experience culturing CHO, HEK293, and hybridoma cell lines highly recommended
    • Must be a self-starter, highly motivated, dependable, and a team player
    • Must also have problem solving, analytical, and quantitative skills and able to work independently and effectively in a team environment
    • Must have strong organizational, documentation, and communication skills

    What Bio X Cell has to offer:

    • Very competitive compensation with paid holidays and PTO
    • Employer paid premiums for medical and dental insurance
    • Access to an extremely generous 401(k)-retirement plan with company match
    • Charitable gift matching
    • A comfortable, friendly, safe and fun work environment
    • Many fun company events, and epic holiday parties
    • A paid Community Participation Program

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