Order Bulk Monoclonal Antibodies Online From Taiwan

One of the most important concerns in biomedical research is finding a reliable source of high quality supplies. When it comes to monoclonal antibodies, only high purity levels and low endotoxin levels will do. For academic or commercial researchers based in Taiwan, Bio X Cell is proud to be your trusted partner.

For those conducting studies at places like the National Taiwan University or the Taipei Medical University, having access to the right monoclonal antibodies is crucial. Fortunately, Bio X Cell partners with a local distributor to get you the in vivo ready antibodies you need. Integrated Bio Ltd. is located in the Zonghe District of New Taipei City.

If you are a biomedical research facility in Taipei, Kaohsiung City, or Taichung and you are interested in ordering monoclonal antibodies for your work, be sure to get your research supplies from the best in the industry. Our antibodies are held to the highest standards of purity with no added stabilizers or preservatives. They are guaranteed to be >95% pure (SDS-PAGE) with endotoxin levels of < 2 EU/mg (LAL test).

Integrated Bio Ltd

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