Order Bulk Monoclonal Antibodies Online From Luxemburg

Bio X Cell offers biomedical research products to academic and commercial facilities throughout the Luxemburg. As a supplier of highly pure monoclonal antibodies, isotype control antibodies, and recombinant fusion proteins, Bio X Cell supports researchers throughout the Benelux countries.

Educational institutions in the Netherlands are known for conducting high quality research. Bio X Cell offers antibodies that are high in purity and low in endotoxin to support important biomedical research in Amsterdam, Brussels, and Luxembourg City. High quality antibodies are a major priority for top research universities such as Utrecht University in Utrecht, The Netherlands; Ghent University in Ghent, Belgium; and the University of Luxembourg in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

If you are looking to purchase monoclonal antibodies, the large selection at Bio X Cell provides you several choices to enable you to select the appropriate items for your research. Each product can be purchased in various quantities between 5 mg and 100 mg. For purchases over 100 mg, request a quote feature to obtain pricing for your specific request. If you are located in the Benelux countries, you can make purchases through our regional distributor, Bio-Connect Life Science in the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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