Order Bulk Monoclonal Antibodies Online From Italy

Italian researchers need to find the best biotechnology products to use in their studies. Bio X Cell offers monoclonal antibodies that are high in purity and low in endotoxin for use in in vivo studies. No preservatives, stabilizers, or other additives are used in Bio X Cell antibodies. Isotype controls antibodies and recombinant fusion proteins are also available for academic or commercial research.

Italy has been at the forefront of biomedical research at top universities such as Politecnico di Milano and the Universita di Bologna. From Rome to Naples and everywhere in between, antibodies and other biomedical research products are available and guaranteed up to six months after ordering. InVivoMab™ and InVivoPlus™ product lines are extremely high in purity while being free of murine pathogens, and other compounds that could possibly jeopardize the outcome of sensitive in vivo testing.

It is important to work with distributors that offer the highest quality products. Bio X Cell has been in business since 1997, providing a wide range of products to researchers across the globe. Bio X Cell products are available in Italy through DBA Italia.

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