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Bio X Cell provides clients with the highest quality monoclonal antibodies for commercial and academic research needs. Based in the United States, Bio X Cell strives to supply the best monoclonal antibodies, isotype control antibodies, and recombinant fusion proteins globally at competitive prices. Those at the forefront of scientific research in the Czech Republic can expect our antibodies to be held to the highest standards of purity. Our antibodies are in vivo ready with no added stabilizers or preservatives. They are guaranteed a purity of >95% (SDS-PAGE) and endotoxin levels of < 2 EU/mg (LAL test).

Whether you are researching under a grant at Charles University, managing a lab at Slovak University of Technology, or leading a team of graduate students at the University of Szeged, Bio X Cell can supply you with the monoclonal antibodies you need to keep your academic research program on track. Bio X Cell can help biomedical researchers in Budapest stay at the forefront of their field and allow commercial industry leaders in Bratislava and Prague to succeed with their preclinical studies. We provide an online catalog of our product lines for your purchasing needs and guarantee active antibodies up to one year after ordering. 

Clients in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary are free to order from our local distributor.   Sven BioLab serves as the local supplier for monoclonal antibodies and other products offered by our company. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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