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Bio X Cell offers clients around the world the highest purity monoclonal antibodies. Based in the United States and serving major research centers globally, Bio X Cell provides monoclonal antibodies, recombinant fusion proteins, and isotype control antibodies for both commercial and academic experiments performed anywhere in Brazil. Our monoclonal antibodies are both high in purity (>95%, SDS-PAGE) and low in endotoxin (< 2 EU/mg, LAL test).

Our products do not contain added stabilizers or preservatives so you can use our antibodies in vivo as soon as they are needed. Whether you are part of a scientific research team in Campinas or managing preclinical trials for an industry leader in Salvador, our high purity cell lines are ready to be delivered to you.

The Bio X Cell catalog includes InVivoMab™ and InVivoPlus™ product lines as well as ReadyTag™ products, which are designed with the most commonly targeted antigens in mind. Whether you are studying nanobiotechnology at the University of Brazil in Brasilia or medicine at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Bio X Cell’s monoclonal antibodies are always in vivo ready, available for bulk purchase, and competitively priced.

Our Brazilian supplier are FastBio Ltd. in Ribeirao Preto, São Paulo and Lab Research Ltda. in Belo Horizonte, MG. Both can deliver our monoclonal antibodies to companies and research centers within their region.

FastBio Ltda

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