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Bio X Cell offers custom fermentation and purification services for the production of monoclonal antibodies in cell culture. Bio X Cell employs state of the art fermentation technologies; including stirred tank fermenters and wavebag systems; our production capacity ranges from 5 to 500L.

Contract Production Of Antibodies

Bio X Cell provides production and purification services of antibodies produced from pre-existing hybridoma cell lines. These hybridomas are typically developed in the client’s laboratory or available in the public domain.

This service includes fermentation of the hybridoma in cell culture, harvest of the cell culture supernatant by centrifugation and concentration by 50 kDa ultrafiltration. Purification is performed by Protein A or G affinity chromatography. The purified antibody is dialyzed into PBS and filter sterilized. All our custom products will be delivered with an endotoxin level < 2EU/mg. If lower endotoxin levels are required contact customer service. We also offer freezing of the cell line and MAP testing for an additional fee.

All hybridomas submitted for contract production will first be evaluated in a small-scale pilot to determine whether the productivity is suitable to proceed to full scale. The fee for the pilot is $800 but will be waived if the production proceeds to full scale.

Pricing for 50 and 100 mg quantities is specified below. For information on contract production of quantities greater than 100 mg email customerservice@bxcell.com.

To begin, fill out and submit a Cell Line Information Form by clicking the button below. You will then receive a formal quote, and instructions for shipping cells.


SIZE 50mg 100
ACADEMIC $1700 $2450
COMMERCIAL $2600 $4300
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